Radio Production

Selecting the right radio station to advertise on is critical. Like everything else, all stations claim to be #1 in one aspect or another. DLF Media will do the market research to make sure you are on the best station(s) for your target demographic. We will write and produce spots that deliver the RIGHT message.

Doug Farrell has managed several radio stations throughout his career. During this time he not only had to oversee all the advertising inventory but he had to sell it as well. He learned all the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to the numbers/rating game. He is easily able to sift through the information stations present and determine which stations actually perform the best for the target audience. Between the time spent working in radio and the time spent running DLF Media he has become an expert in effective radio campaigns.

In addition to knowing how to purchase an effective radio campaign, DLF Media also has a tremendous amount of experience in creating an effective radio message. We will make sure that you’re focusing on the correct message and that the message is being communicated clearly so it will drive customers to your business.

The bottom line when it comes to advertising is to generate business. Placing a great schedule with a great message is crucial. At DLF Media we are never satisfied. We constantly search for the best method to make our clients successful and we act quickly to make sure your goals are being met.