Web Advertising

At DLF Media Consultants, Inc. we feel the most important step in designing a website is planning. The first step is determining what the purpose of the website is. We must understand what you want to achieve, who the intended audience is, and what you want your visitors to “come away” with. That is why we work hand and hand with our clients making sure both of us understand the goals, objectives, and intended message of the website.

The next step is creating a design or layout of the site. We feel that usability and functionality are the most important components of the page. Potential clients must be able to navigate and find important information if any website is going to be effective. DLF Media takes the time to create a thorough outline of the website, making sure all the pages are properly aligned and linked. This makes it easier to develop ideas, understand the structure of the project, and save time.

Making sure each web page works in vital. DLF Media carefully checks each page of the website to make sure all links are working, and all text and graphics are being displayed correctly. We also test every page of your website in multiple browsers, on multiple monitors, and on multiple operating systems to ensure your site is working properly. And we design the site to do well with search engines.

Maintaining your site is imperative. If you chose, DLF Media will update and maintain your website to make sure your viewers are always satisfied. If you would like to do it yourself we will offer you tips and information on how to accomplish this.

In addition to web sites we also create web ads. We have done various banner, display, skyscraper and other ads. If you need help with your internet advertising we can help.