Television Advertising

Producing a television spot with the right message and feel is essential to the success of the campaign. If done properly your business can instantly gain credibility and awareness in the community. DLF Media has the experience and knowledge needed to make sure your commercial is effective. We will analyze your target audience and the market to effectively reach specific bulk audiences.

Doug Farrell has been involved with Television since he graduated from the University of Florida. He quickly excelled within the industry and became a successful General Manager at multiple TV stations. Having been involved with every aspect of advertising from the stations perspective he has unique skills that allow him to be more effective from the agency side of advertising. Our clients benefit greatly from this knowledge. DLF Media knows what television stations are capable of doing and it allows us to create stronger campaigns for our client.

There is more to a successful television advertising campaign then the schedule you run. Having production that relays the proper message is imperative. At DLF Media we have over 20 years as an agency in writing and producing television commercials. We know what will work.

DLF Media does not simply purchase a television spot for our client. We create packages that maximize exposure while getting much more value for your buck. Each station in each market presents new opportunities for our clients to take advantage of. We have been involved in television advertising in many markets throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas and more. If you give us the opportunity to work for you we will work hard to make sure your goals are exceeded.

In addition to TV spots we also produce long videos, training videos and infomercials. If you need help on a video project please give us a call.